Siden opdateres ikke længere

Videncenter for Duft- og Kemikalieoverfølsomhed er lukket med udgangen af 2013, og siderne på denne hjemmeside bliver ikke længere opdateret. Datoen for seneste opdatering af sidens indhold ses nederst på de enkelte sider. Bemærk, at der kan være kommet ny viden siden sidste opdatering.

Astma-Allergi Danmark har påtaget sig at videreføre rådgivningen som en udvidelse af foreningens eksisterende tilbud til mennesker med følsomme luftveje. Det er muligt at ringe til Astma-Allergi Danmark på alle hverdage fra kl. 10-12 og tillige om onsdagen fra kl. 16-18. Astma-Allergi Danmark har integreret viden om duft- og kemikalieoverfølsomhed på foreningens hjemmeside Det ligger fra forsiden under overskriften MCS og kan findes her:

Work-life and MCS

There is a lack of scientific studies on how and to what extent multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) affects working life.

However, from our help line we know that many MCS-patients experience that their symptoms often are worse at work.

Depending on the nature of the work, this is caused by e.g.:

  • Fragranced detergents, air fresheners and hand soap 
  • Colleagues' use of fragranced products, e.g. shampoo, hair conditioner and perfumes 
  • Open office environment where many - and thus many olfactory impressions - are mixed 
  • Printers and photocopiers 
  • Printed materials and handling them 
  • Degassing from new electronics, new furniture, paint etc. 
  • Other passengers' use of scented products, reading newspapers etc. when commuting on public transport 
  • Exhaust fumes when commuting to work 
  • It is not always possible to identify the source of the symptoms


Work is important but can also be difficult
Working is very important for persons with MCS on both personal and financial grounds, just as it is for all other people.

As persons with MCS react to different substances and experience different symptoms, the best way to deal with problems is to handle them individually—between the employee and the workplace.

However, it is also our experience that some of the hardest-hit MCS-patients cannot work.

MCS-patient Nanette Goddard who works at night and with a mask to avoid too much exposure to scent.
Photo: Nanna Kreutzmann
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